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Six-Monthly Worldwide Wellness Club Subscription


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Product Description

Welcome to our monthly subscription for our Worldwide Wellness Club with Lisa & Nicole – Wellness Advocates for the world. Through our years of teaching, we are now bringing all the good stuff to the comfort of your own home for as little as €0.26c per day.

What do you receive as a Wellness Club Subscriber ?

  1. You will receive, by email, a manual with an energy report every weekend to give you information on what to expect and how to prepare for the on-coming energy week. It is a great opportunity to know what is ahead of you so you can be ready for what ever lies ahead.
  2. A weekly empowerment and confidence building video with Nic helping you to elevate your mental, physical and soulful being.
  3. A weekly video with Lisa delivering a personal angel card oracle reading and meditation.
  4. Weekly affirmations to practice and build up over time to help you train your mind to achieve all the wonderful blessings you deserve.
  5. An opportunity to ask questions and receive answers – Each week we will pick three people to whom we will answer one question each and you will receive it in your weekly energy report manual.
  6. As a club member, you will be automatically put on a distant healing list and will be sent energy healing once a week. If you do not want to receive this, just let us know in advance.
  7. Also as a club member there will always be extra special surprises along the way on full moons, new moons and special energy days.
  8. Receive 10% off any products / online services on our website.

Being part of the Worldwide Wellness Club offers you the knowledge and guidance to move through your week and life in a supportive positive spiritual way, allowing you to become the best that you can be. We so look forward to you joining our Worldwide Wellness Club and bringing your magical energy to it.

Subscription fees can be paid through the following and are as little as €0.26c per day:

Pay Pal or on our website


Simply email us on [email protected] your subscription choice (monthly, six months or yearly) and we will send you a PayPal request.

On Our Website

There are three separate windows; monthly, six monthly, yearly. Simply click on the one you would like and add it to the basket and pay by card or PayPal.

The options are as follows:

Monthly (pay as you go)  €9.95 per month (goes to €14.95 on 30.11.2019)

Monthly Worldwide Wellness Club Subscription

Six Monthly                        €49.95 for 6 months (goes to €79.95 on 30.11.2019)

Yearly                                  €94.95 for 12 months (goes to €129.95 on 30.11.2019)


Yearly Worldwide Wellness Club Subscription

Once you have joined up your subscription will begin on the first week of the new month and you will receive all your information for that month by email.

Many Blessings of Love & Light

Lisa & Nic xxx



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