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In today’s society, it is a conditioning (a learned process), not to depict our true selves in the chance, arrogance might prevail. This is to be observed and not judged.

At The Wellness Centre, we feel that a CV is a paper portrait of our personality. We need to give ourselves the best possible chance of representation.

Very often when we compile our own CV, we omit the details the employer needs to know. Trained to mentor and compile your CV and Cover Letter we have a 100% success rate of satisfaction. We also have had an abundance of correspondence from employers complimenting our CV compilations showing the prospective employees true potential.

The methodical process of CV compilation is one that is written with certain emphasis on the details that matter. In turn, this secures you the interview and the job.

Specializing in articulation and character depiction, we use an analyses process to ensure you seek fulfillment in the role you set your sights on.

It is entirely possible to love your job and pay the bills! We believe that ‘living to work’ is an unbalanced approach to life and we can thoroughly enjoy our work as we can our play. We just need to find the correct slot.

This package does just that. Whether it is a particular job you want the CV compiled for or are unhappy with what you have in your life, both can be scrutinized to get you where you want to be.

Being the best you can be is all you can strive to do, the rest will appear.

Additional services:
Online job site registration +€20.00
24 hour turnaround +€25.00
Online Job Applications +€30.00

Interview Preparation +€120.00 [discount of €30.00 with this package]


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