Interview Preparation

Interview Preparation


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Product Description

Two sessions:
1st session 1 hour
2nd session before interview 30-45 mins

Our CV has won us an interview and the anxiety is probably onset. Our human nature allows this anxiety to dissipate with preparation. Sometimes, our confidence and self-esteem becomes challenged in this situation. Thankfully, with us, you will learn to bypass the intricate challenges (until another time!) and prepare efficiently for the task at hand.

It is important to represent your true self and allow the interviewers to see what employee they potentially have on their payroll. What we need to do is bypass the ego part of the brain which thrives on control and anxiety.

It is about control, calmness and collectiveness during the interview process. We train you on how exactly to lock this down! Afterall, you are half way there, why let nerves control your demeanor and cost you your ideal job.

What does The Wellness Centre’s interview process involve:

Clarity of the interview process
Role play of your prospective interview
Tools to dissipate anxiety and stress during this process
Re-condition your thought process regarding vulnerable situations
Execute a perfected interview strategy
Feel comfortable and in control of ascertaining this interview
Enjoy the process instead of fearing it
Confidently learning how to articulate your characteristics
Cutting out all of the fluff about how you feel you are represented
Clear articulation about how the job specification fits you instead of how you fit into the job leading to a more fulfilled approach


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