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Winter Wellness Workshop – 9th November 11am-4pm


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Our annual workshop is back!

This one day course is one of its kind. Facilitators Lisa Shackleton and Nicole Langan in their dynamic duo, brings to you the opportunity of embracing their teachings and expertise into your current reality.


Feeling stuck or lost in life? – Create vision and peace.

Feeling unhealed from the past? -Learn to let go and look forward to the future.

Low confidence and self-esteem? – Recondition your mind to reach fulfillment and self-love!

Floating through life? – Re-instill passion and vitality.

Nothing to be excited about? – Ignite zest and excitement in your life.

Energy system out of alignment? – Learn about the physics of energy and tips to heal yourself.

Feeling unlucky? – Learn and apply the power of the law of attraction to receive abundance in all you desire.

Not laughing as much anymore? – We will bring you through laughter yoga showing you how to laugh anywhere, anytime no matter what your life circumstance.

Need an empowerment and healing top-up? Re-ignite your passion and love of self and life.








Limited Places

Investment: €75.00

Refreshments Included



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