Concept Actuation

Concept Actuation

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Product Description

Concept actuation bring a concept / theory to fruition. This can be in the area of personal, professional or business.

Concept Actuation is a theory in social freedom that when people are motivated by ambition begin to conceptualize their full potential through the means of actuation.


How many times has someone said to you, “That’s a great idea, you should take the initiative and make it a reality.” What typically happens? Most of the time – nothing.  Most great ideas remain dormant because people don’t have the courage, resources, time and/or money to take action. And for those who take action, most are unprepared and thus find themselves spending their valuable time and money on a dream that simply goes astray.

Converting an idea into a reality (regardless of the required investment of time and money) is never an easy task. With structure, expert advice and continued support, the concept will be nurtured into a successful reality.

Working on the basis of a 100% success rate, we relish the opportunity to assist your project through test marketing, feasibility studies, marketing, branding, consumer behavioural trends, executing strategic goals and purposeful business.

Here are 12 well-known steps to embrace:

  1. Believe in Yourself
  2. Create Your Own Personal Board of Advisors
  3. Embrace Risk as Your Best Friend
  4. Be Extremely Patient
  5. Learn How to Sell Your Vision
  6. Connect the Dots Along the Way
  7. Be Passionate With Your Pursuit
  8. Be Purposeful
  9. Focus on Building Momentum
  10. Always Make the Idea Better
  11. Make Work/Life Balance a Priority
  12. Build a Legacy Around Your Idea


Have you a project that revisits your consciousness frequently? It may be a lifetime memoir, a side-line product creation, a course compilation, a seminar production, a new business, a family organisational structure, academia struggle or social stigma.

Empowerment, clarity achievement, growth assistance and goal setting would embrace personal concept actuation.

There is a vision and a methodical plan needs to be comfortably implemented to reach that point in order to feel fulfilled.

It is something you always wanted to do but something else perhaps took precedence? This ‘something’ does not have to take over your life.

With tools, skills and knowledge it can be embraced comfortably into your everyday life for you to execute this goal efficiently.

If this concept is reappearing in your reality, it needs to be attended to. Allow yourself the gift of fulfillment.

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