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Chakra Balancing Therapy


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Duration:  1 hour

Your chakras are energy centres found in your etheric body that distributes life force energy throughout your physical as well as your subtle bodies. These psychic centres are ever evolving just as you are. When your chakras are blocked, imbalanced or out of alignment the free energy flow is obstructed which can lead to physical, emotional, mental or spiritual dis-ease. The keystone of Angel healing with chakra healing is to develop an awareness of these powerful energy centres.

Chakra Healing is a way to clear the blockages that may have occurred in your chakras, balance and re-align them to bring your body and life back into flow and vibrant health. Chakra Healing is very powerful when used:

  • in addiction treatment
  • with grief and loss
  • with depression and anxiety
  • and for individuals wanting to deepen their spiritual practice

The name chakra comes from the Sanskrit word for wheel, in reference to the chariot wheels of rulers called cakravartins (the original “cakra” was pronounced with a “ch,” but we usually see it written now as “chakra”). Energy from each these parallel points, called chi, ki, or prana, is thought to ow in a spiral fashion so long as each chakra is open. Other ancient eastern traditions, including pranayama, qi gong, acupuncture, and tai chi also focus on this ow called pranic energy. Early mentions of chakras deem them the facilitators to a stable, more connected life (both to ourselves and to others). By focusing on these centres and paying attention to their specific roles, it’s believed we can reach our highest potential. There are seven main chakras, each located at various points along the spine.


As a junction of energy, thoughts, feelings, and the physical body, chakras have been called “focused energetic life-forces.” It’s thought if any of the chakras are blocked, individuals can develop physical and mental illnesses. Though chakras are rarely mentioned in Western medicine, many chakra pundits believe in their physiological merit. While the chakras are invisible, each is located at a major network of arteries, veins, and nerves along the spine. Neurochemists have found a connection between the seven core chakras and specific endocrine glands with nearly identical functions and descriptions (such as the thyroid and the throat chakra). It’s pretty remarkable humans had a con dent sense of these points thousands of years ago before knowledge about the central nervous system was fairly common.



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