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Duration:  1 hour

Angel Readings are the perfect way to ask your Angels for guidance in your life. They never judge or give bad advice, they only direct you on the path of finding true loving experiences. Sometimes to get to that point we have certain roads to go down and doors to walk through to get to that perfect harmonious experience but with the angels on your side they make it so much easier.

I have been working with Angels for over 15 years and it has been one amazing journey. I have realised as the years have gone by that I have been on this journey since the day I was born. I was born on the 10th of April 1978 in the West of Ireland.

As a child I experienced a lot of strange goings on which at the time I did not understand but as the years have gone by I now understand it has all been for my highest good. My angels came knocking at my door in my mid-twenties and I have never looked back. So it is my mission to share my experiences with my clients and help them reconnect to the beings of light who are on this earth to help us find our soul’s purpose.

We have been put on this earth to learn so many lessons, good and bad, but we did choose them before we arrived on this planet. We were not put here to be punished we were put here to find our own self-worth and find true happiness within ourselves.

Once you invite the angels in to help you, they will never leave you and will help you in every way.

My practice is based on conversations with the angels, karmic law and the metaphysical translation of the universe. I offer insights into relationships, business deals, past events and future plans. I can also read the personality traits and emotional states of people and determine what their motives or actions may be toward you.

Many times we are unaware of the messages from our higher self. A reading will give you insight into events and people but more importantly, insights into how you can make your life better.


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