Lisa Shackleton

Lisa 6552Profile – Lisa Shackleton

Widely referred to as the next generation Doreen Virtue, Lisa specialises in bringing personal, intuitive and accurate blessings to your life.

Spirituality conceptualised is about the connection with ‘being’; comfortable, confident and collective about your inner journey rather than the belief in someone else’s in a bid to blanket us with comfort.

Her nurturing guidance and teachings allows us to understand the frequency of energy and how it effects us in our lives.

Lisa has worked with the angelic and universal kingdom since her inception on this earth in this lifetime, she has methodically made peace, joy and love with it on her own terms without the influence of others. Her impartial persona in a safe oasis guides you to embrace the same euphoric, fulfilling path with support.

We are all energy; it is physics in Albert Einstein’s words! Understanding energy is much more than us. It is our environment, our relationships, our human mechanical bodies and our earth. Learning about our surroundings and our own energy systems helps us live the life we are born to live.

With decades of experience in all areas, you are in very safe hands. A master and a life wader, Lisa supports humanity worldwide on their journey.

“It is my belief system that we feel so deeply; understanding and appreciating this is our key to epiphany. Let’s share the love and light together”. ~ Lisa Shackleton